Bulimia Help Method Review

If you want to know more about Richard Kerr’s amazing system them read on

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Bulimia Help Method is a step-by-step guide to recovery for people who suffer from bulimia. It gives you the tools, information and support needed to achieve a lifelong recovery.

Backed by scientific research and endorsed by medical professionals in the eating disorder field it is a proven and trusted approach for the recovery of bulimia.

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Bulimia Help Method recovery program was created in 2007 by a man named Richard Kerr. Back in 2006 his wife Ali had confessed that she had been secretly struggling with bulimia for over ten years.

After the initial shock, confusion and concern he told himself and Ali,  that he would stop at nothing until she was cured.

With nothing to lose he set out to research, learn and test everything known to man on bulimia and recovery.  After 15 months of hard work he had finally found the answer.

After Ali made a complete recovery he decided to share the program with the world, and has since helped over 10,000 people in the recovery of bulimia. Making Bulimia Help Method the webs #1 bulimia recovery program.

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The Bulimia Help Method program comes in 5 parts with 11 bonus tools.

The Course:

The Recovery Book – guides you step by step through your recovery and is the core behind the system.

Mind Power Audio – helps you to remain totally calm and reprograms your bulimic thoughts at a sub-conscious level.

Inspirational Eating Audio – lets you listen to the past success stories from successfully recovered ex-bulimics who used the Bulimia Help Method.

Guided Eating Audio – great to listen to during meals times to help you understand feelings of hunger and fullness again.

Bonus Online Tools – A profile page, a private journal, recovery buddies, public blogs, a binge tracker, a positive tracker, the thought buster tool, regular support emails, access to a live chat area, access to a members forum and free downloadable recovery guides.

All of this is included in the Bulimia Help Method course and will surely help bulimia sufferers world wide.

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